Yates, Lawrence

When Lawrence Yates was sixteen years old, he was forced by his school to chose between art, technical drawing and music. He couldn't draw, hated anything technical and so took refuge in the music stockroom where he found a horn. After tricking his parents into buying him an instrument (they thought the school was buying it) he went on to Bretton Hall and after three years took up a job as horn teacher in Bury. He was later made Head of Brass and is now a Director of Bury Music Service.

He is a founder member of the Dulcian Wind Quintet. He was a member of "Waldhorn Quartette", a horn quartet based in Limoges, France, a well paid job which involved sampling lots of wine and, after one memorable concert in Evaux les Bains, lots of home-made brandy, an evening from which he has never recovered. He freelances with several orchestras in the North of England. He is also a member of the Diphtheria Horn Quartet for whom he writes and arranges much of the music.

Lawrence Yates

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Rondo from K.495
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