Oh No, John Variations for horn quartet by Chris Garland

edition db 0104021 Horn Club series

Dedicated to his sister and her fiancé on the occasion of their wedding, this additional offering by Chris Garland is an enjoyable set of five variations based on the old folk song “Oh No, John!” The song is an old story of a fellow trying to win the hand of a maiden and the antics he goes through after he is told she will always answer him “No” – an interesting choice for a wedding present! Each variation has a little different mood, from straightforward to a minor mode, followed by a quicker mixed-meter variation, then a slower, quieter one, and a rollicking closer. The overall range and technical demands make this a very accessible arrangement for high school players and up. We found this fun to play, especially when we exaggerated the contrasts, made easier by reading the suggestive text of the original song (well, we had to look that up).

Jeffrey Snedeker, The Horn Call, IHS, Vol XLII No.2, February 2012


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