Review - Lovebird for mezzo-soprano, horn and piano by Adam Walters


edb 0703010 Chamber Music series


Adam Walters wrote Lovebird in 2008 for his brother Joe and the soprano Lucy Crowe.

The six-minute work is scored for wordless soprano, horn and piano, and is in three distinct sections. After a brief piano introduction, the soprano opens with a beautifully lyrical phrase, embellished with some birdsong-like flourishes. The horn then echoes these ideas, with its own embellishments based on the harmonic series (certainly with a nod to Benjamin Britten’s horn writing) before the soprano rejoins, with the two voices interweaving. This is a gorgeous piece of music: interesting enough to challenge the ear, but with a heart of real lyricism beating throughout.

Richard Steggall, The Horn Magazine, British Horn Society, 2020


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