Clements, Dominy

Dominy Clements (born 18th October 1964 Newport, South Wales, UK) graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London in 1987, having studied composition with Christopher Brown, Edward Gregson and Roger Steptoe. He followed masterclasses with Krzystof Penderecki and Hans Werner Henze, and performed as a flautist in various orchestras and ensembles, including the Manson Ensemble, and his own ensemble ŒRime¹. In 1987 he moved to The Netherlands, studying with Louis Andriessen and Gilius van Bergeijk, and following classes by Frederick Rzewski and Walter Zimmerman. His studies ended in 1989, by which time he was working as a freelance musician and composer.

He won the Arts for the Earth Festival Rainforest Composition Competition in 1990, the Piano Circus Composition Competition in 1992, the Icebreaker Composition Competition in 1996, and was a finalist in the Edvard Grieg Memorial Competition 1997/98. He now works at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague as external bookings manager and career development officer. He is flautist with Duo Hofinger and trio Lautareasca, and plays subcontrabass flute with the Netherlands Flute Orchestra.

Dominy Clements

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Horn Club series


Four horns

Full Canonicals
Dominy Clements
Chorale du mal
Dominy Clements

Eight horns

Graham's Pumps
Dominy Clements

Chamber Music series


Horn Trio (hn, vln & pno)

Alemam alemon
Dominy Clements