Humphrey-Procter Gregg (1895-1980) - Compositions

Items marked * originally published by Boosey and Hawkes in the 1930s and now to be re-published with permission

Items marked ** newly published by edition db and now available

Items marked *** originally published by Stainer & Bell in the 1930s and awaiting permission to re-publish



The Pied Piper: A Dramatic Parable (1920)

Le Malade imaginaire (incidental music; includes Three Dances for small orchestra)



Concerto in A for clarinet and orchestra **

Pastoral Dance for small orchestra (piano score, unfinished short score with details of orchestration)

Variations on an Air from Aberdeenshire (violin and orchestra)


In addition, the Procter-Gregg Archive contains sketches for both a piano concerto and a violin concerto.


Voice and orchestra

The Danube to the Severn (Tennyson)

In the Highlands (Stevenson)

The Land of Lost Content (Housman)

Spring Awakens (Tennyson)


Songs with piano

Paul Bewsher: In an Aeroplane (1921)

Rupert Brooke: All suddenly the wind comes soft (c.1940)

T.E. Brown: The Bough of May

Robert Burns: I dreamed I lay; Bonny Lesley; Guid Ale (1922); Bonny Wee Thing; O my luve's like a red, red rose; Duncan Gray**; The Farewell**; Out over the Forth**; The Dusty Miller**; The Lady Mary Ann; I dreamed I lay where flowers were springing; Tibbie Dunbar**; Hee Balou**; Jockey's ta'en the Parting Kiss**

Byron: There be none of Beauty's daughters; The Evening Star**

Allan Cunningham: A wet sheet and a flowing sea

Cicely Fox Smith: Steel Rails; So Long (1930); The Wine of Life; Limehouse Reach**

James Hogg: A Boy's Song **

A.E. Housman: The Land of Lost Content**; With rue my heart is laden (1920/30)

Leigh Hunt: Jenny Kissed me

Violet Jacob: Tam i' the Kirk; The Wild Geese (1941); The Water Hen; The Gowk (1941)**; The Licht Nichts; The Banks o' the Esk

John Masefield: Trade Winds: The West Wind

Alice Meynell: Renouncement

Christina Rossetti: Uphill** (1932); O Roses

William Shakespeare: Casket Song (1945); I know a bank; O Mistress Myne; (arrangement);

P.B. Shelley: The Widow Bird; One word is too often profaned**; Music when soft voices die**

R.L. Stevenson: In the Highlands**; Blows the wind today; Requiem; The Unforgotten; Half the World Apart (1940)**; Canadian Boat Song; The Stormy Evening**

Wyndham Tennant: The Freedom of the Downs

Tennyson: Old Yew; Wild Bird [2 settings]; I envy not in any moods; The Danube to the Severn**; Ring out Wild Bells; O that 'twere possible; There rolls the deep (1941)

17th century and earlier: I loved a lass (George Wither); Carol: I sing of a mayden (Anon.); He that loves a rosy cheek (Carew); Out upon it! I have loved (Suckling); Follow your Saint (Campion); Tune thy music to thy heart (Campion); Never weather-beated sail (Campion); Fain would I change that note (Anon.); To Julia (Herrick); Spring the sweet spring (Nashe); Go, lovely rose (Waller); Love is a sickness (Daniel); In Despite of a Country Life (Ravenscroft) (?c.1934)**; Love is but the frailty of the mind (Congreve) (1922)**; Believe not in him (Anon.)**; Sleep (Fletcher)

Anon.: The Ploughman (1945); I have friends among the dead (1922); La Mort du Roi Renaud (1920)

School Song for King William's College, Casteltown, Isle of Man: Insulae Collegium (K.A.R. Sugden) (unison voices with chorus, piano and optional bugle)



The songs marked with an asterisk* were published by Boosey & Co. in the 1930s. I know a bank was published in 2000 in the Boosey and hawkes 20th Century Easy Song Collection. The songs marked with a double asterisk** are newly published by edition db.

In Despite of a Country Life (Ravenscroft) (?c.1934); Love is but the frailty of the mind (Congreve) (1922); Believe not in him (Anon.) published by edition db are published as Three 17th century Songs of Fine Ladies


Recitation with piano

Home Thoughts in Laventie (1916)



A Case - Catch (1959): SSTB

Two Choral Amens (1933): SATB

Daffodils (Herrick): SSATB

Fain would I change that note: ATBB

Five Songs for Chorus (Scott) (1952) (Coronach; Lucy Ashton's Song; Song in Waverley; Rangers' Song; True Love's the Gift): various combinations

Joly Joly Wat (1933): SATB

Magnificat (1919) and Nunc Dimitis: SSATB and organ

Motet: O Lord turn thy wrath away from us: SATB

Motet: The Revival (Vaughan) (1968): SSAATT

Motet: The Sun and Stars (Whitmre): SATB

Motet on Webbe's Morning Hymn (Keble) (1943): SSATTBB

Three Madrigals (Love is a Sickness; To Blossoms (1959); Cupid and Campaspe)

Tune thy music to thy heart (Campion) (1971); SATB**

To Violets (Herrick) (1935); SATB


Many other shorter pieces


Chorus and orchestra

High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire (Jean lngelow)

Jerusalem (Blake)

Kubla Khan (Coleridge)



Berceuse and Tarantelle

A Book of Waltzes (1931)

Gay Variations and Finale on an Original Theme (dedicated to R.J. Forbes)

[24] Preludes, in two books

[5] Preludes and Fugues

Rhapsody (1916-17)

Scherzo in F sharp minor (1927/1937/1971)

Seven Pieces without Purpose (1924)

Sonata in C minor ('The Sea') **

Suite of Eighteenth Century Dance Forms (1941) **

Second Suite of Eighteenth Century Dance Forms (1958)

Theme, Variations and Tarantella

Two Fantastic Waltzes (1930)

Two Little Sketches (1911-13)

Westmoreland Sketches, vols. 1-4 (26 [actually 27] Pieces), (1964-8), Forsyth, 1986 (edition includes a substantial editor's preface, with biographical information by Maurice Aitchison)


Many shorter pieces, including mazurkas, tangos, inventions, waltzes, studies, etc. Also cadenzas to Mozart's Piano Concerto in D minor K466



Processional for a Festival Organ (1937)

Three Chorale Preludes


Chamber Music

Duettino (horn and piano)**

Country Tune (cello and piano) (1977)**

[5] Pieces for Paul (violin and piano) (1972-7)

A Rustic Suite (two recorders and piano), Arnold, nd

Sonata No.1 in A minor (violin and piano), Boosey, 1936 (dedicated to Albert Sammons)**

Sonata No.2 in C (violin and piano)**

Sonata No.3 in F (violin and piano) (1947-8)**

Sonata No.4 in D (violin and piano)**

Sonata in F sharp minor (viola and piano) (1969)**

Sonata no.1 in E (cello and piano)**

Sonata no.2 in D minor (cello and piano)**

Sonata (flute and piano) (fragment only)

Sonata in A (horn and piano) (1975)**

Sonata in G minor (clarinet and piano)**

Concerto in A for clarinet (piano reduction by composer)**

Sonata in E minor (oboe and piano) (1970-1)

String Quartet in G minor (first three movements only extant)

String Quartet No.1 in F sharp minor**

String Quartet No.2 in D minor

String Trio in G major

Variations on an Air from Aberdeenshire (violin and piano) **


Several other shorter pieces for violin and piano



This list was compiled with collaboration between Michael Almond and John Turner after the former's extensive research, sorting and arranging. It should be regarded as a preliminary working draft only as more research is needed to identify and date much of the material, all of which is housed in Manchester University's John Rylands Library.